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My blog is too emo.

*plasters rainbows, unicorns, sunshine*

Yay :] Much less emo now.


Some things are too emo to say over Twitter.

Each one of us is broken in our own way.

We wait. We wait patiently for someone to come along and fix us. If I can draw, I would draw a city full of robots that are broken here and there. All sitting, thinking and waiting for their saviour. But who’ll fix them, when everyone needs to be repaired.


我口沒回答但心已有答案。二十六歲。馬上就要二十四歲了,那等於只剩下兩年交朋友 談戀愛。兩年好像短了一點吧。

但話說回來,二十六歲、三年,這些數字其實沒有什麼意義。時間 緣份到了想跑都不行。還是不要想那麼多吧‧‧‧

I got off MSN. That was me trying to be more productive with the so little time I have at home. I have a long list of to-do’s. Call bank to declare non-residency, send off letters for PERM, write postcards, US tax stuff, get money from UW’s used bookstore. The list goes on and on and on. But I can’t force myself to do any of them. I just want to lie on my bed and do nothing.

最近心情不爽。I can’t even get mad at someone. There are always two sides of the story. And I can’t get mad at them when I think about things from their perspective. 但是心情還是不爽. Sometimes I wish I can just not think about their perspective, so I can be mad. And get over with it. I guess… I just have to care less.


PS Baking seems to be my therapy.. Just finished pound cake this weekend and I still have two type of desserts in the fridge. There is chocolate brownie cheesecake and blueberry crumb bar. Who will help me eat them…


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