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A writer, whose girlfriend cheated with his younger brother, with a maid who don’t speak the same langauge.  A ten year old with the girl of his life. A man dealing with the loss of his wife. A mom with her husband who is having an office affair. A rock star with his “ugly” manager. A prime minister with one of his domestic staff.  An editor with her crush of two years, seven months, three days, an hour and thirty minutes. And a bride with her newly-wed hubsband’s best friend.

Love Actually is a movie about love. Not just the love that we associate at first, but every form of love. Love between husband and wife. Love between sister and brother. Love between two strangers. Love between dad and son. It shows the sacrifices that we make for love. The self-improvements that we make for love. And how can we forget the problems – the cheating and the affairs.

A cute dialogue:
10 year-old: “Well, the truth is… actually… I’m in love.”
Dad: “Well, I’m relieved. I thought it would be something worse.”
Kid: “Worse than the total agony of being in love?”

It’s a heart-warming movie, but not the one I need now..



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