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It’s amazing how much you don’t remember with the 9-5 routine.

In the last month,

  • My grandma passed away, and I found out from a FB message.
  • I looked at taking ballet classes, then forgot again
  • Don’t know what else I forgot

My memory is like a stack. It remembers the things I see the most, which is work. All the rest is at the bottom, gathering dust, without proper closure.


身在異國 新年的氣氛就是不一樣

小時候 過年時媽媽會帶著我和弟弟坐公車去迪化街買年貨。那時候 興奮的是為了糖果  餅乾  魷魚絲。現在只想能再感受過年的氣氛一下

除夕夜  大年初一 初二 吃年飯 元宵 八寶飯  穿新衣 點燈籠 鞭砲 壓歲錢… 如果周圍沒有家人 那也失去了意義。

I hope you are all spending this festival with your loved ones.


My blog is too emo.

*plasters rainbows, unicorns, sunshine*

Yay :] Much less emo now.

Last Wednesday I’m a year closer to being considered old.

But to say that I turned a year older is still non-sense. Really I just turned one day older. I’m split between half and half when it comes to birthdays. I’m not sure I see what’s so special about birthdays. But I had an awesome one. :)

Thanks so much guys.


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