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As much as I like it to, things won’t just work out.


Sometimes, I just want to scream.

What the fuck. Why are you so inconsiderate.

I should put my balcony to good use.

It’s okay, just breathe. Breathe breathe breathe. They don’t know you’re hurting. They probably don’t give a shit that you’re hurting. Why should you care about them then. Don’t punish yourself for something they did wrong.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Life is awesome.





看了以後心情更低落,不知自己這女兒怎麼當的。今天通話後下了死心,離開不超過五年。這樣 還剩五年的時間‧‧‧


Some things are too emo to say over Twitter.

Each one of us is broken in our own way.

We wait. We wait patiently for someone to come along and fix us. If I can draw, I would draw a city full of robots that are broken here and there. All sitting, thinking and waiting for their saviour. But who’ll fix them, when everyone needs to be repaired.


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