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Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies

I’ve never been a big fan of baking chocolate chip cookies. The last time I made them, I was in grade 5. Cheesecakes, truffles, fruit flans, real cakes was always much more interesting than making chocolate chip cookies. But recently I realized making chocolate chip cookies can be a challenge too. The challenge to make chewy and crispy chocolate chip cookies. Om nom nom. And so here’s the second time making chocolate chip cookies in a month!

I’ve used the recipe from Smitten Kitchen, and added in some walnuts myself. The recipe said to leave the cookie dough in a ball when you bake them, but I find that the cookies are too thick when you do that. The ones that were in ball shape instead of flattened, were approximately 3cm in height.

Chocolate Chip Walnut Cookies

These cookies weren’t as chewy as the other recipe. But it’s more crispy. If cookies can make babies, I’m sure their offspring would be the perfect cookie!



Top Layer

Result of a week of non-stop baking (‘cept the Santa chocolate). Literally. I have not touched my laptop from Monday to Thursday. So ta-da!

The star sugar cookies took the most effort. First night was mixing the dough. For some reason, measuring butter alone took half an hour. I always cut the almost-room-temperature butter into thick slices and squeeze them into the measuring cup. Then mixing the dough was a pain in the a**. I had to get Jasper to help me ’cause it was close to kneading. Ahh I need one of those big electric mixer. Then I spent another hour or so to roll the dough into disks. Putting the dough pieces in between two pieces of waxed paper really helped! Second night was baking the cookies, and third was for decorating.

As for the truffles, using the melon baller really made it less messy. I roughly shaped the balls using the melon baller first. Then I put it back in the fridge ’cause it was starting to melt. After it’s completely chilled, I shaped it by hand to get it rounder. No more melt-in-your-hand truffle making!

Surprise layer on the bottom

The candy cane cookies did not turn out as they were planned. I could not find candy canes. Visited 5 stores, and they were all sold out! So I had to improvise and use icing and coloured icing :(

I know what my New Year’s Resolution is… better time estimation! I totally fell behind my own schedule, and finished these cookies on Christmas day. Sewing the rabbit-looking cube took a long time as well. A week to make just two. Who would’ve thought sewing 10cm would take two hours. I even started to sew while on the subway to work.

So this post came a little late. But I wish you all had a great Christmas :)

While talking to Mike about making something for Christmas, he linked me a recipe for Stained Glass Cookies. Don’t they look so pretty! Since my mom has been “reminding” me that I only bake for others but never for family, I decided to try it over the weekend.

I baked them in two sheets, but at different times. The second batch got burnt :\ So the middle part doesn’t taste like life savers anymore. Tasted bitter, more like some cough syrup.

Something that I didn’t expect is that the middle sticks to the parchment paper. Only one cookie was parchment-paper free out of the ~12 :( Although it can look very pretty, I find it weird with cookie on the outside, and life saver in the middle. It’s hard biting into the life-saver part. Guess I’m crossing this one off the list :(

It’s the first Tuesday that I don’t have a baking class.  It feels good not having to spend another Tuesday night downtown, but at the same time, no more goodies to eat the next day. 

So we made the strawberry shortcake for our last class. But I made it in a hurry to get home to do PDEng, the decoration was too ugly for pictures :(

Spritz Cookies

Spritz Cookies


Week 8 was Spritz Cookies – made with shortening. So it wasn’t very flavourful. And it was quite harding piping the cookies with the dough. I found that it’s much easier when you don’t load so much of the dough into the piping bag. 

Swiss Roll

Swiss Roll


Then we made sponge sheets! The chef taught us how to fold in the flour with the egg mixture and cautioned us not to bang the cake pan with the sponge mixture on the table. 






Fruit Flan

Fruit Flan


Along with the sponge sheet, we also made the sponge cake for the fruit flans. I tried making the flan again last weekend, but failed because I didn’t cook the cornstarch through :( The custard wasn’t set and tasted very starchy (thanks to Mike who pointed out haha)


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