…Or defending oneself.

I don’t like to explain myself too much. For three reasons. One: I don’t want to be too defensive. 有時候事情越描越黑. It seems like the fewer words I give the better. Two: it shouldn’t matter too much what other people think right. As long as I know what I did was right. Three: sometimes I don’t care too much about the person I’m explaining to. This is similar to how it’s rare for me to get mad at someone who doesn’t really know me.

But I think, by giving few words I usually make the situation worse. Because the other party will just assume I’m finding excuses, making things up, and so I can’t tell a complete story. But by continuing explaining myself, I feel that I’m just being defensive about myself. Maybe I am. Maybe I should chill the frig out. Maybe I should stick to reason #2. Maybe it’s time to live for myself.