Finally got the chance to visit St Lawrence Market. A long overdue trip considering I’ve been in Toronto for over ten years, and only went to the market once. And so, the trip began with some Chowhounding to see what are some of the good eats at St Lawrence Market!

The goodies were:

  • Buster’s Sea Cove (someone recommended grilled octopus on salad)
  • Carousel Bakery/Paddington – peameal bacon on bun
  • Manos Deli – smoked pork loin
  • Mustachios – veal and eggplant sandwidch
  • Basement – Portuguese custard tarts

Because both of us were really hungry when we got to the market, we didn’t do much shopping. We chose Carousel Bakery first, ’cause there were many examples of how much people liked it – named “tourist” have to do, letter from someone saying their peameal bacon is amazing.

Peameal bacon on bun @ Carousel Bakery

It was really disappointing, even when I was hungry. Maybe it’s because I don’t like peameal bacon. The buns were nothing special. The bacon didn’t taste anything special as well – just soft meat on buns. There have been warnings on Chowhound too, about this at the Carousel Bakery. Should’ve listened!

Then we walked around, and saw Buster’s Sea Cove with a long line up.

Grilled salmon sandwich @ Buster's Sea Cove

It was really good! The salmon was pretty thick, and the sandwich buns were crispy and a bit chewy. The tomato, cucumber, lettuce and sauce were perfect with the salmon. I ate the cucumbers even when I don’t like them.

Look at how thick the salmon was!

It was such a good meal! We ordered the sandwich with fries, so it was a pretty big portion for approximately $13. I’m already craving for more Buster’s Sea Cove!