The promise made in junior high

Been in massive cleaning mode since I got back from Taiwan. And it has been fruitful – found a work pay cheque dated last Christmas eve, and red pockets that haven’t been emptied out. But the best of all is finding my childhood things. The letters between my elementary friends in Taiwan, a picture of me when I was in grade two (I really did lack a nose when I was a kid!).

Amongst various things were messages left from best friends. Best friends in Taiwan, best friend in elementary here, best friends in junior high. But we’ve all lost contact as we moved, as we went to different schools. And I’ll be moving, again, to Seattle soon. It’s scary thinking what might happen after five years of distance. You guys are such an important part of my life, and I wouldn’t wanna lose that. But I’m sure we can do it. :)

With some help from technology of course ;)