Five assignments due next week. One QA assignment worth 5%, one 17% test, one 20% RPC coding assignment, one 20% essay, one fourth year design project presentation. And I’m sitting here blogging.

It’s been three months into the beginning of 2010. I have no yet set my new goals for the year, nor have I opened my New Year’s Resolution from last year. I wanna blame school for not having  time to do other things. Specifically, I wanna blame Software Engineering. If I was in Arts, I must have more time. I thought. But this is just playing the blaming-game. I’ll be turning 23 within two weeks. What have I contributed? What have I achieved? Where am I heading to? These questions shouldn’t be unanswered when you’re in your twenties.

Being in Power Unit, though there are few things that I don’t agree with, is aspiring. The fact that people my age is running a night market event for the past 8 years still amazes me to this day. The passion and energy that I’ve seen from some PUers is overwhelming. Not to mention the dedication they put in. It makes me ashamed of myself complaining that I don’t have time simply because of school. Some of these PUers have full time jobs, and are involved in several NPOs.

I’ve lost my motivation. The old motivation wasn’t a very good one. I should’ve known. Time to find new motivation and start planning again.