Karma’s something that I really believe in, largely due to my religious belief. And to be specific, I believe in karma that lasts not just one life time, but throughout the cycles of birth and death. Anyway, it’s a little religious. Having said all of that, I’m not gonna laugh at your face when something horrible happens and tell you that’s karma; that you must’ve done something wrong.

But that’s how I deal with my problems.

If I felt like I’m been dealt wrong, or something horrible happens… There’s of course the initial phase of anger. But I try to tell myself that I probably did something wrong to the person in previous lifes. That I probably deserved this some way or another. I know it’s not something you can prove, it’s just something I believe in. This helps me refrain myself from saying bad things about someone; or do anything not-nice. And why punish yourself by being in shitty mood for something else someone did wrong. Right?

But it just doesn’t work this time.

There’s so much anger that I can probably slash my pillows with a knife.