Club and the Godfather @ Princess Cafe

Last Friday, Jai visited and took me to Princess Cafe. We each ordered one Panini first. He had the Godfather Panini (Genoa salami, bruschetta, roasted garlic mayonnaise, balsamic vinaigrette and feta cheese) with soup, and I had the Club (Smoked turkey, prosciutto, tomato and arugula with roastic garlic mayonnaise and havarti chesee).  The Panini was really good! The bread was very chewy and I really liked the Club. The prosciutto really stands out. Unfortunately the portions are pretty small. Even someone like me who doesn’t eat a lot isn’t full with just the panini alone. Make sure you order something on the side.

I wish I found out about this place earlier, definitely would go back for their panini. It’s sad that I found out about this place after almost five years in ‘loo and from someone who doesn’t even go to UW :(

On a random note, why do my pictures always turn out darker than how they look on my camera screen?