It was the season of giving. The holidays. The month of December. Or rather, the last two weeks of December.

On December 24th, I missed a Kodak moment picture because I didn’t bring my camera. And if I had my camera, I wouldn’t have taken it out either. It was when I sat on the streetcar, that it hit me.

While walking on Queen St. near City Hall, I passed by a sleeping homeless person surrounded by goodies dropped by strangers. There were several Tim Horton paper bags. There were some bread. And among them were candy canes placed nicely. It made me go “aww” when I first passed it.

But when I sat on the streetcar, it wasn’t so sweet anymore. It would’ve been really nice if it wasn’t December 24th. Did they feel like giving because it was the season of giving? Why do we need a season of giving? We should be generous all the time, not just for two weeks out of the entire year. That’s roughly only 4% of the time. And candy canes for the homeless? It’s not really food, nor is it practical, nor is it healthy.

Okay, I should apologize, I’m angry recently. Giving during the holidays is better than nothing. But we should pay attention all the time. Not just because it was the holidays. Next time you walk in downtown and pass by a homeless, spare your change. Yes, they could be druggies who’s using your money to get more drugs, and as a result, stay on the streets longer. Yes, maybe they are lazy-asses who don’t want to put in effort to find jobs. But what if one in a hundred that you meet really needed your quarter?