I used to pride myself with my close friends. I agree whole-heartedly with their ways of doing things (Bob would understand if I say “I approve”), and there are some that I really look up to.  If you ask me who would I date if I were a guy, I’d pick one of them with no hesitation. I pride myself with my immediate family as well. My parents are great examples for me in life. Unfornately, I cannot say the same about all of my extended family, or however you call your uncles, aunts and cousins. But hey, we don’t have any choices to who our relatives are. You can only suck it up and deal with it.

But we do have a choice who our friends are.

Recently, one of my old friend did something that was really upsetting. He didn’t do anything wrong per se. But something that I totally disapprove. The incident reminds me of other things that happened through out the 6 years we’ve known each other. It was diappointing. It was disappoiting for me to discover that he was like that. It was also disappointing that I have a friend like that. So where do I draw the line? Do I have too high of a standard? Am I not forgiving enough? Or should I just slowly walk away.

This and other incidents have been chipping away my supposedly-happy-because-it’s-the-holidays-mood.

(Bob would understand if I say “I approve”.)(Bob would understand if I say “I approve”.)