Top Layer

Result of a week of non-stop baking (‘cept the Santa chocolate). Literally. I have not touched my laptop from Monday to Thursday. So ta-da!

The star sugar cookies took the most effort. First night was mixing the dough. For some reason, measuring butter alone took half an hour. I always cut the almost-room-temperature butter into thick slices and squeeze them into the measuring cup. Then mixing the dough was a pain in the a**. I had to get Jasper to help me ’cause it was close to kneading. Ahh I need one of those big electric mixer. Then I spent another hour or so to roll the dough into disks. Putting the dough pieces in between two pieces of waxed paper really helped! Second night was baking the cookies, and third was for decorating.

As for the truffles, using the melon baller really made it less messy. I roughly shaped the balls using the melon baller first. Then I put it back in the fridge ’cause it was starting to melt. After it’s completely chilled, I shaped it by hand to get it rounder. No more melt-in-your-hand truffle making!

Surprise layer on the bottom

The candy cane cookies did not turn out as they were planned. I could not find candy canes. Visited 5 stores, and they were all sold out! So I had to improvise and use icing and coloured icing :(

I know what my New Year’s Resolution is… better time estimation! I totally fell behind my own schedule, and finished these cookies on Christmas day. Sewing the rabbit-looking cube took a long time as well. A week to make just two. Who would’ve thought sewing 10cm would take two hours. I even started to sew while on the subway to work.

So this post came a little late. But I wish you all had a great Christmas :)