Today came a sad moment, when both my close friend and I couldn’t remember what we got each other last Christmas. And so, holiday presents aren’t so meaningful anymore… I don’t mean I don’t appreciate the effort people put into getting Christmas presents. Not at all. But I feel it’s meaningless to buy gifts for the sake of getting gifts, because you’re expected to give a present.  Of course I like the feeling when I find the perfect present for someone. But who says Christmas should be the day that everyone needs to get something for everyone? Why should there be special day(s)? I’d much rather buy gifts for someone when I see something fit on a random shopping trip. It’s so much more natural without the frustration and headache that comes with birthday/holidays/*insert special occasion* gift shopping.

So if you have decided to get me something this year, please don’t! If you absolutely feel the need to, donate it to a charity of your choice. :)

Maybe I’ll handmake something this Christmas for my friends instead.
…If I can -_-