It is my last work term… Most of us had begun applying to after-graduation jobs.

It’s hard. Just deciding where I wanna work is a dilemma. I have been co-oping in Toronto all these six work terms. It would be great if I get to work outside of Toronto in one of those big companies, i.e. Google, Microsoft. But a part of me want to stay in Toronto, or at least close to Toronto. For my parents. Family is really important to me, what’s the point of making all the big bucks when my family isn’t around me?

It’s scary as well. Co-op was okay because it’s just four months. If you (or the company) don’t like it (you), that’s okay. But this is (semi) permanent job we’re talking about here. It’s harder to make decisions where I want to work, it’s also harder to get in because this isn’t co-op job anymore. Stepping into the job market is the first big change in our lifes. It’s the first time in 20-some years that we don’t take student as our role anymore. And life is much easier as a student. Perhaps I have been lucky, my role of a student meant studying, studying and studying. But it takes so much more initiative to find a good job than just study the courses handed to you. And the lifestyle changes we face, the responsibilities as a full-time worker are all very different from being a student. I find this transition to be quite scary.