It seems like a small village, everyone knew everyone. I can’t tell if there was a building, or just an open space that we all occupied. At one instance, I was running across a shallow stream with rocks to get back toward my side of the place. Then I was stepping on sand when I reached there. And at another, I was hiding near the wall and long tables when the lions were attacking us…

There was nothing explicitly said, but it felt like Earth was facing a horrible disaster. We were alone, isolated from the rest of humanity (if there is). We somehow found that the solution is a magical eraser. (I know how ridiculous this sounds, but it definitely was not funny in my dream!) I think the logic was with the eraser, we can erase all the bad things that happened. But we weren’t really sure.

Just as we were telling everyone to pack and leave the place to search for the solution, few of my friends opened my drawer and pulled out booklets. One of them figured out from the booklet what’s gonna happen with the eraser. He wrote down an equation on the sand, and it clicked. It reminded me of alchemy now that I think about it. According to a foundamental equation, the eraser will explode. An explosion that can destroy the world. So we kept this to ourselves and continued on packing.

As we started leaving, the lions that normally wouldn’t eat people starting going after us. People were trying to beat off the lions. Two lions got close to the entrace, where I was at. We had to throw the long tables at them and take the splinters from the tables to kill them.

Then, I woke up.