On the way to Waterloo, on the way back, and after an entire night, I finally finished reading The Lovely Bones. It’s weird how I lost interest in reading the book the first time, but couldn’t put it down the second time.

The book describes a 14 years old girl who was first raped then murdered by a man living in her neighbourhood. She then went to heaven. She continuously watches over her family and friends coping with her death. Her sister closing in on herself, her dad obsessed with finding her murderer and her mom running away from dealing with the mess that the family is left in.

It’s interesting how the heaven is depicted in the book. It slightly varies with what the normal perception of what heaven would be. Suzie didn’t see the people that have pasted away in her life, instead, she met strangers whose heaven overlapped with hers. She didn’t spend much time in her heaven though, it seems. Most of it was with her family.

Right after the book, it was time for dinner. I was at home, and I was really glad that I have a family to eat with. And that  I have you.