No, I’m not here to rant about those that have double standards. Actually, I’m one of them.

I remember a while ago I wanted to blog about how simple words like sorry can make all my anger go away. But I’ve realized the same doesn’t work with someone who’s closer to me, e.g. my family or my boyfriend. The closer someone is to be, the more expectations I have. I rarely get mad at friends, but it’s much easier for me to get mad at my brother. My reasoning was that normal friends don’t really understand me, so I don’t expect much. But with close friends, there is the expectation that they understand you and care about you. And I remember talking about this with someone 4 – 5 years ago, and they got quite offended.

The reasoning makes logical sense, but maybe I should add the reasoning to forgive close friends because they are, after all, my close friends.