After skating at Nathan Phillips… I’ve decided to pick it up again. (If you haven’t skated at Nathan Phillips, you should give it a try :) The atmosphere definitely adds more to the experience)

Skating surely brings back a lot of memories – bittersweet and upsetting ones. Skating at the outdoor rink lit up by colourful lights, I was reminded of the times that I skated with the guy I liked. And the times that I wanted to go skating but didn’t…

And sitting in the change room later on reminded me of the time that I sat in the change room of the skating rink and cried. This was grade 9. I’m surprised at how easily we lose control of our feelings and how easily we spoke of our feelings when we were young. I was at TC where a girl just freely told us her family violence problems, and cried. I was a bit surprised of how freely she spoke of her problems – when all of us have just met for the first time, and the topic wasn’t about violence or anything related – and how she cried in public. Then, I remembered. I did the same too. At the same age as her.

As we grow, we learn to swallow our feelings and hide them. Only in front of the most initimate person, would I let my emotions go, even when they’re ugly… Otherwise, I stop as the thoughts come up and push them back. But is it really healthy, swallowing it? I watched her with empathy, and a bit of envy… 最近歡笑增加了,但…是真正的快樂嗎?