It’s never too late to open your heart.
It’s never too late to change your life.
It’s never too late to take a chance.
– Last Chance Harvey

As I sat in the theatre, my eyes teared up. 2008 was a bumpy year. There were the fun times spent working on the Toronto Night Market and hanging out with friends, upsetting times as the three things I cared about didn’t turn out well, and the exciting and stressful times working at Google as a summer intern. I’ve had the highest point of my life in 2008, but also the lowest point of my life in few months time. 

Because I don’t say this often.. and because I don’t talk to some of you on a regular basis :( I wanna say thank you…

Thank you for helping me make it through
Thank you for hanging out with me
Thank you for listening to me
Thank you for hugging me when I felt lonely
Thank you for comforting me
Thank you for having drinks with me
And thank you for not choosing sides when it happened 

I love you guys… *hugs*

And to those that care enough to be reading this … thank you too :)