I’ve always believed in helping out others without expecting anything in return. But what I do expect is a “thank-you”. Not a thank-you gift or any favours in return, but a verbal “thanks”. It bothers me when I help out my friend and I don’t get a thank you. If it was someone I don’t know well, it wouldn’t matter to me. But as my friend, I expect certain level of manner and appreciation. I believe it’s the basics that you say “thank you” when someone helps you.

Because it happened to me a few times, that I helped out a friend and she didn’t say thank you, I was talking to my dad. Then he corrected me, it’s not 幫助別人不求回報, it’s 幫助別人不求感謝,只要他不認為那是應該的. This goes well with 我們應該幫助別人,但是沒人有義務幫我們. Similarly, we shouldn’t be taken for granted when we help others out. Or else we become a 濫好人.

I couldn’t understand the difference at first. If the person doesn’t take it for granted, then he should say thank you at the very least right? Because I believed that you have to voice your appreciation, even though you’ll repay later when there is a chance; there are a lot of times that I say “thank you” to my close friends even when that made it seem like we’re strangers. Then through this I realized that I can just keep the gratitude at heart. If the person knows me well enough, she’ll know that I don’t take her for granted.