For obvious reasons…memory is an important part of each and one of us’ life. Our ways of life, our perceiption, our goals, our feelings, our emotions, and so on. What happens… if you lose this… important aspect of you? You have no memory at all. It’d be like living without a soul…just wasting the life away. No sense of purpose, no sense of goal, no sense of…sentimental things. How can you possibly live the fullest of your life without any memory? Like what many has said before, it makes you who you are. Without this distinctive mark, you’re no more than an empty vessel.

I can’t bare to think how my life would be without any memory. Those memory that I held on so tight despite the nature of it, despite that it still upsets me to this very day. It marks the struggles I went through. It makes me an individual (I hope… lol…). Despite how selfish this sounds, memory is the last thing I would lose. I rather lose my life than my memory. Without memory, there’s no purpose in life anymore… I mean, yeah, you still have materials in the world to enjoy. Money, games, sex, looks. But… I rather end my life.

Anyhow…no point thinking all of these when it’s not that bad yet. Well, hopefully.

Just another thing to wonder about… is memory something…tangible? or non-tangible. I mean, just say something (disorder, accident) caused the memory-loss. Once you heal it, or recover, will the memory be back? Is it stored somewhere in our brain, or will it be gone permanently? There are some people who, after an accident, decides to block out some part of their memory. Later on, they can remember. However, what about those ones caused by disorder? …