went volunteering at some place where they give out meals to homeless people. It was great actually, I guess, seeing another side of the society. The side that I dont’ see often. And then in the middle, some couple walked in. Began to ask if they want stuff, blah blah blah. The girl was quite nice in the beginning…she would say thank you everytime she asked for something… until I decided to reorganize my hair… I took off my clip, gathered my hair and reclipped it, then the guy looked at me and said “don’t tease me”, the girl pointed the middle finger at me and said something that ended with “cute bitch” … I got pretty offended. Think that’s the first time someone points the middle finger RIGHT AT me? and then later on when I served them their food while the guy was in the washroom, the girl was like “fuck you, get the fuck out of here”. and she was looking at some guy in the other table saying “what do I have to be jealous of, nothing” I’m just like “okay…” I feel sorry for her sorta… cuz i saw her crying in the middle of her meal… At the same time, isnt it sad that she’s getting all …w/ed from a 18yrs old? Blah I don’ tknow, she just shocked me.

Blah w/e she sorta destoryed the experience with homeless people, but still I think I’m gonna go next month. It’s so … disturbing to see that there are still … “classes” or whatever you call it withint these people that come for free meals. The guy I was talking to was describing the life that he’s going through and said “unlike those ppl that have a home to go to”. I didn’t know what to say. I mean whatever I say, I’m still part of those ppl that have a home to go to… And watching they leave… you wonder where they’re going after this. Do they have a place to shelter themselve from the pouring rain? Where are they gonna get their next meal? How do they spend their time? What situations made them become like this? Do they have families? How they do shower? … and so on. It’s sad how I can be crying about this today, thinking about the unfortunate, but the next day I’ll be normal again. This will eventually fade away…just like everything else.